Rosie from Brighton- Ethixx Customer

Several Ethixx users give their views

I was surprised how comfortable the pads are. I was sure the fastener would irritate me but I couldn’t feel it.

Sarah – Lewes

I noticed immediately that Ethixx pads are so much more comfortable than disposable pads.

Katherine – Leatherhead

Ethixx pads feel a lot more natural and almost “safer”. They also feel breathable, which is fantastic when I’m in gym leggings or tight fitting clothing.

Katherine – Leatherhead

I use Ethixx pads because they are comfortable, clean, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Tanya – London

For me, knowing I’m causing less damage to the environment is a relief. I’ve already saved many bags worth of plastics by switching to Ethixx pads

Becky – Brighton

As someone who is very forgetful – I don’t ever have to worry about running out, I already have my Ethixx pads.

Chloe – Brighton

Previously I would hide the pad up my sleeve when I go to the toilets to change, but I feel quite happy to carry the Pad Pouch out in the open. Knowing that it has used pads in, doesn’t bother me at all.

Holly – Brighton

I find ETHIXX pads comfortable to have on for longer periods of time. The quality of the pads hasn’t reduced after being washed multiple times – and I haven’t bought a pack of single-use pads in months. I’m really starting to understand the benefit of my switch to Ethixx – both in the cost to myself and the earth. Honestly, they’re hard to fault.

Becky – Brighton

As someone who was never really introduced to cloth pads, I was completely unsure of what to expect. Would I feel them? Would they be a bit messy? I love how they look and feel in my hand; cotton soft and gentle. The first time I attached a pad to my pants I was surprised how easy it was. I thought the poppers would be uncomfortable but I couldn’t feel them.

Christina – Henfield

I have been using the pads for a while so that I could really get a feel for how they work over time and I have to say it’s the best menstrual product I’ve ever used for night time – I haven’t used a regular night pad since I started using them. Overall I love using these pads – I am confident that they won’t leak and am so happy with this product.

Josie – Manchester

The pad conformed to the shape of my pants and body easily and without any bulkiness or sense of being there. They were always cotton soft against my skin, and I didn’t feel them to be particularly damp, even on my heavy days.

Christina – Henfield