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Are you ready to experience true period comfort ?

Our high performance reusable pads are amazingly comfortable and can absorb up to 3 tampons worth of flow, without harming our planet.

How are they so comfortable ?

Soft Cotton
Well, firstly you’ll LOVE the luxuriously soft organic cotton & bamboo they’re made from ( No synthetics in sight! ) so they feel very gentle on your skin.

No Moving
You’ll probably also love that they don’t move around because of the shape and wing design and super soft profiled edges, and let’s be honest, many washable pads DO move around. Just check out a few reviews on Amazon! We got quite obsessed with making sure ours didn’t!

Special Edges
And, whilst the super soft edges may look thick, that’s on purpose! It makes them sit really nicely on your body and helps to keep them still. Try them you’ll see!

No Sweaty Stickiness
Of course they’re very breathable too, being 100% natural materials.

Thinness ( 0.4 cm )
Is that a word? Pretty sure it is! The innovative features inside make them thinner than other pads without compromising absorbency.

No Leaks
They can hold up to 3 tampons worth of flow and absorb really fast so no worries about leaks.

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What’s with the cut out ?

Amazingly we found that having a cut out acts as a ‘well’ and draws fluid away much faster. It also means its thinner in the centre.

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After I changed to Ethixx pads, ‘I feel I have made a positive choice for both the environment and my body. They have sustainable materials and an incredibly comfortable touch. I really love them!

Yun Jeong – From London

So give them a whirl yourself and hopefully you’ll love them as much as others do!