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Reusable pads that dont move around

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Ethixx reusable menstrual pads don’t move around like many others do because this was a priority when we designed them.

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The shape of the pad means it fits your body and sits securely along the knicker gusset. The double popper and shaped wings will prevent it sliding back and forth.

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We don’t do this for fun, no no no, it’s actually very important that we avoid contamination between our bottom (anus) and our vagina entrance or where we pass urine (urethra) because this can cause serious infections. I learned the importance of this in my nurse training! Your pad should not move around one little bit. 
The design of our pads means they won’t twist either. We make them with a soft, organic cotton, enclosed edge which fits securely into the groin to create a seal which prevents leaking, shifting and twisting.

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This is enhanced by wearing a good well-fitting pair of pants, but you knew that already. 
The wings are separate in our pad construction and this allows us to shape the pad to fit the body, and unlike other pads there is only one way to wear it – the wider end towards the back just like the gusset in your knickers. Many pads are made from one piece of fabric which means there is no definition, and nothing to prevent them rolling around the knicker gusset regardless of how tight you fix them. Indeed the tighter to fix them the worse it can get as the gusset turns into a tube on which the pad can roll. This also allows blood to flow outside of the knickers and that’s the last thing you need. 
So yes there’s a reason for the shape and it’s not an accident, it’s there to prevent one. So while other pads may naturally do the ‘twist’ or a bit of rock and ‘roll’ (see what I did there?) our pads won’t dance in your pants. Promise.