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Teen / Petite pad


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Treat yourself to probably the UK’s best reusable pads.

We know our pads are a bit more expensive but you really do get what you pay for.
If you want sweaty pads made from synthetic (plastic) materials, that dance around in your pants and are made the far east under dubious conditions, then by all means go for cheap pads (any pad under £7 probably fits into this category ) but we think you’re here because that’s not for you!

Women deserve  ‘Amazing’ pads not ‘Mediocre’ pads. . .

At Ethixx we think anyone who bleeds each month deserves something ‘Amazing’ not just ‘Mediocre’ or ‘Functional’ and that’s why we spent 2 years developing and testing these pads and we know it was worth it.

Stunning Comfort

Many have said  “I sometimes forget I’m wearing it! “  Enough said!  Our 2 year mission was worth it.

Absorbs 2 tampons

Yet these lovely yellow pads still absorb at least 2 tampons worth of flow with no bother.

High Quality

They’re made from high quality luxuriously soft organic cotton, hemp and bamboo fabrics and they have have stainless steel fasteners (not plastic)

Very easy to wash

Really they’re no different to underwear. Full pad care instructions come with every order.

So join the Eco revolution  . . .

Go Zero waste . . . without compromising your comfort




This pad has all the benefits of our light / medium flow pad but is a bit smaller for smaller bodies.  ( Size 6 and under )

What can you expect?

-The biggest difference with Ethixx pads is that they won’t move around like some reusable pads do

Whys that?   Well, three things . .

  • The unique shape
  • The unique wing design that ‘hugs’ the underwear
  • The special edge design


  • The soft 100% organic cotton is gentle on your skin
  • They’re very absorbent (1.5 tampons of blood )
  • They’re great for the planet!
  • They are MADE IN THE UK


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