Night -1 Pad

Hello leak free nights !

How about a washable pad that becomes your trusted bedtime companion?

A non-bulky pad that wont leak, wont move around like a jumping bean and just looks after you all night long without a grumble ?

Well…. these are probably for you then. According to some,these are the best pads they have ever tried. Why is that ? Maybe its because these pads took us 2 years of  “way too much coffee and late nights”  to perfect ?  Endless research into materials, way more testing than sane people would do.  We wont bore you with all the detail, ( God its tempting! we got way too deep into material tech )  See below if, like us, you love that stuff.  But seriously, give these pads a shot.  If they don’t amaze you, then its money back time!  We offer 100% money back guarantee!  Not much to lose and a great nights peaceful sleep to gain!

What women are saying. . .

“I have to say it’s the best menstrual product I’ve ever used for night time”

Josie – Manchester

” These pads have genuinely changed my life for the better, I feel so much more comfortable being on my period “

Katherine –  Leatherhead

*Laser cut patterns, Double layered, pre stretched, separate part wings, 5 layers, bamboo, cotton, hemp, 100% cotton edging, double fasteners, no central bulk, organic materials, endless testing, lots of late nights, too much coffee….blah blah blah…Gosh its a lot of words but you get the idea!  How can we condense two years into a sentence.  Its pretty tricky

Product Code: EPP-107



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