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Easy Choice – Starter Kit. £49

Missed the crazy 50% off weekend sale? . . .

Email us before 11am Monday you can still get 30% off this kit.  There are 4 kits left at the discount.

If you not sure which pad . . This kit gives you one of each!

Go zero waste without compromising on comfort. . .

– Luxuriously soft & comfortable
– More absorbent than disposables
– You’ll love how they feel !

The kit contains:

1 x Light /Medium Flow Pad that’s super comfy and absorbs 2 tampons worth
1 x Heavy Flow Pad that’s just as comfy but absorbs 3 tampons
1 x Night Pad for a really comfortable sleep
1 x Pad Pouch for handy leak-proof storage
1 x Pad Care Instructions so you know what to do

( Individual value £58.30 )  Normally save £9.30.  But in the weekend sale save a crazy  £33.80 !!.  We’re only doing 40 kits at this price. So be quick!

Plus a handy dual pocket, leak proof pouch to keep them in.

Our Light Flow pad has been expertly designed to fit the contours of your body.  Made with organic cotton fabric outer layers and hemp absorbent layers, they are very comfortable and can absorb 2 regular tampons. Unlike some reusable pads , they don’t move around and are never sweaty or irritating.

Our Heavy Pad has all the benefits of the light pad but can absorb up to 3 tampons worth of flow and also absorbs it faster due to the innovative Flo-Zorb features shown in the diagram. Plus it makes it thinner in the centre which adds to the comfort factor.

Our Night Pad is said by many to be the most comfortable night pad on the UK market right now. The organic cotton is super soft on your skin and the pad NEVER moves around. It can also absorb 3 regular tampons worth of flow.  So  you can expect a feeling of relaxed confidence at night.

Our Pad Pouch is really useful to carry up to 4 pads when you are on the go.  There are two compartments. One for fresh pads and one leak proof compartment for used pads. Made organic fabrics, it folds neatly and has a simple Velcro close.  It’s the perfect companion to our pads.

What our customers have said about  Ethixx pads . . .


“The night pads worked really well with no side leaking”

Karen –  From Frome


“I always find disposable pads sweaty and irritating but I almost forgot I was
wearing my ETHIXX pad.”

Tanya-  From London


“I love using these pads. I am confident they wont leak and I’m so so happy with this product”

Josie – From Manchester


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