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Light to Medium Flow


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Treat yourself to probably the UK’s best reusable pads.

We know our pads are a bit more expensive but you really do get what you pay for.
If you want sweaty pads made from synthetic ( plastic) materials  that dance around in your pants and might be made the in the far east under dubious conditions, then by all means go for cheap pads ( Anything under £7 /pad is might fit into this category ). But we think you’re here because thats not for you!

Women deserve  “Amazing” pads not “mediocre” pads. . .

At Ethixx we think anyone who bleeds each month deserves something “Amazing”.  Not just “Mediocre” or “Functional”. That’s why we spent 2 years developing and testing these pads and we know it was worth it.

Stunning Comfort

Many have said  “I sometimes forget I’m wearing it! “  Enough said!  Our 2 year mission was worth it.

This Light/Medium flow pad is 23cm long and Absorbs 2 tampons

Yet these lovely yellow pads still absorb at least 2 tampons worth of flow with no bother.

High Quality

They’re made from high quality luxuriously soft organic cotton, hemp and bamboo materials and they have have stainless steel fasteners ( not plastic )

Very easy to wash

Really no different to underwear. Full pad care instructions come with every order.

So join the Eco revolution  . . .

Go Zero waste . . . without compromising your comfort




What can you expect?

-The biggest difference with Ethixx pads is that they won’t move around like some reusable pads do

Whys that?   Well, three things . .

  • The unique shape
  • The unique wing design that ‘hugs’ the underwear
  • The special edge design


  • The soft 100% cotton is gentle on your skin
  • They’re very absorbent  ( 2 tampons of flow )
  • They’re great for the planet !
  • They are MADE IN THE UK


How to wash the pads . . .

  1. Rinse in COLD water.
  2. Machine wash at 40 degrees.
  3. Hang dry, or tumble on low heat.

Caring for your pads . . .

Gently fold used pads in half until you wash them.

After washing it’s best to store the pads flat.

It’s best not to iron them.


100% refund if you’re not delighted.

So treat yourself to some very special period pads today.

3 reviews for Light to Medium Flow

  1. Tanya – London (verified owner)

    I always find disposable pads sweaty and irritating but I almost forgot I was wearing the pad. I love the pad pouch. It makes my regular trips to the toilet a little less awkward.

  2. Chloe – Bristol (verified owner)

    It was my first time trying reusable period pads, and I wasn’t sure how I would feel about them. I first tried using it at night, and found it super comfortable and breathable – I barely noticed I had it on. I found the materials very soft, much more pleasant to wear than disposable pads. The absorbency was also excellent, even in the light flow pad. I look forward to using these more in the future.

  3. Danielle – Sussex (verified owner)

    The light pad is perfect for my needs and the cotton top is nice. I have others that have a fleece top which is a bit odd so cotton is nice. Also they are not too thick and I don’t notice I’m wearing it. I find that disposable ones start to irritate my skin when I have a period that lasts up to 6 weeks at a time but not found that with these. They wash easy too.

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