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Light to Medium Flow

£12.45 £9.95

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The reusable pad that stays put.

From day one we designed these pads to stay put. Our research showed us that many reusable pads move a lot!  . .and that’s not funny!  Many just haven’t had proper design thought go into them.

What can you expect?

-The biggest difference with Ethixx pads is that they won’t move around like some reusable pads do

Whys that?   Well, three things . .

  • The unique shape
  • The unique wing design that ‘hugs’ the underwear
  • The special edge design


  • The soft 100% cotton is gentle on your skin
  • They’re very absorbent  ( 2 tampons of flow )
  • They’re great for the planet !


Our Guarantee

100% refund if you’re not delighted.

So treat yourself to some very special period pads today.

£12.45 £9.95

In stock


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