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Heavy Flow Pad


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Treat yourself to reusable pads that never move around and feel so good you might forget you’re wearing it !

This heavy flow pad is 23cm long and can absorb up to 3 tampons

  • Premium comfort – Gentle on your skin.

  • We promise they won’t move around like many reusables do

  • More absorbent than disposables ( 3 tampons of flow )

  • You’ll love how soft they feel !



Our Heavy Flow pad, is designed to fit the contours of your body.  Made with organic cotton outer layers with hemp and bamboo hybrid absorbent layers and of course the leak proof layer too. They are amazingly comfy and absorbent.

They NEVER move around! Because of the unique wing design. It is essential for comfort that the ‘wings’ are not part of the outer layer ( other companies do this because its cheaper to manufacture ). Separating the wings allows us to optimise both the material and the shape for your comfort.

Unlike some reusable pads , they don’t move around and are never sweaty or irritating and there is no scrunchy noises ! They can absorb 3 regular tampons worth of flow.



What women are saying. . .

” I love using these pads – I am confident that they won’t leak and am so happy with this product “

Josie – From Manchester

” These pads have genuinely changed my life for the better”

Katherine –  From Leatherhead

“I barely noticed I had it on. I found the materials very soft, much more pleasant to wear than disposable pads. The absorbency was also excellent,

Chloe – From Bristol

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Our Guarantee

100% refund if you’re not delighted.

So treat yourself to this amazing heavy pad and transform your period experience