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The Elizabeth Whibley Range



Elizabeth Whibley.

We are so excited to do this collaboration with the wonderful Elizabeth Whibley who is a well known textile designer and slow, ethical fashion advocate.  You can see her on instagram here:

We love the unique vibrant design she has created for us!

Treat yourself to probably the UK’s best reusable pads.

Comfort without compromise

Ethixx reusable pads have been expertly created to absorb up to three tampons worth of menstrual blood using organic cotton and hemp fabrics. With their slender design, contoured form and unique wing shape, they wont move around (like many others do) providing you with exceptional period comfort. 

Our Light Flow Pad is 23 cm long and only 4 mm thick. It can absorb up to two tampons worth of menstrual blood. 

Our Heavy Flow Pad is 23 cm long and can absorb up to three tampons worth of menstrual blood due to the innovative Flo-Zorb features shown in the diagram.

Our Heavy Flow Long Pad is 25cm long, has all the benefits of the Heavy flow pad but is for taller people. So its longer at the front and the back

Our Night-time Pad is 27 cm long with added width and length at the back only. Wonderful for extended periods of rest or sleep.

Our Petite/Teen Pad is just 20.5 cm long and has been created for smaller users.

So join the Eco Revolution without compromising your comfort.



What can you expect?

-The biggest difference with Ethixx pads is that they won’t move around like some reusable pads do

Whys that?   Well, three things . .

  • The unique shape
  • The unique wing design that ‘hugs’ the underwear
  • The special edge design


  • The soft 100% cotton is gentle on your skin
  • They’re very absorbent  ( 2 tampons of flow )
  • They’re great for the planet !
  • They are MADE IN THE UK


How to wash the pads . . .

  1. Rinse in COLD water.
  2. Machine wash at 40 degrees.
  3. Hang dry, or tumble on low heat.

Caring for your pads . . .

Gently fold used pads in half until you wash them.

After washing it’s best to store the pads flat.

It’s best not to iron them.


100% refund if you’re not delighted.

So treat yourself to some very special period pads today.


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