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Who are we ?

Ethixx was founded by June Bradbury, a very passionate environmental campaigner and women’s right advocate who is particularly passionate about protecting oceans, sea life and and sea birds.

Based in Newhaven near Brighton in Sussex, we are passionate about bringing high quality sustainable and ethical products to the market, to empower people with choices that help our planet.

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A bit about our journey so far ….

The journey began in early 2018 when a local mother asked June to make a set of reusable menstrual pads for her teenage daughter. Believing that this product already existed, June was curious to search the market before embarking on the commission. More on that below.

Journey of discovery

This research lead June to discover that in the UK alone, we throw away 4.3 billion menstrual products each year and many of them end up polluting our rivers, land and oceans. 

This re-enforced June’s determination to be a part of the solution.

Teaming up 

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June teamed up with local businessman and owner of award-winning product design agency design+product, Martyn Beaumont. This turned out to be a perfect collaboration, bringing their experienced design team including women to the project. Many others have also brought their time and skills to ‘Team ETHIXX’.

What our testers told us

Using the feedback from our testers, we realised that many of the existing reusable menstrual pads did an ‘adequate’ job at best, but they often slipped around or leaked, were hot or sweaty and they could be uncomfortable. June thought reusable menstrual pads shouldn’t just be ‘adequate’ – they should be GREAT! 

The end result ?

After 2 years of development we perfected our pads. Designed to suit the contours of the body, they are luxuriously soft, don’t move, absorb amazingly well ( up to 3 tampons worth ) without using bulk, and they’re organic too.

Removing taboos

The fact that they are still called reusable sanitary pads, suggesting period blood is insanitary, is far from ideal. Periods are part of nature, not something to be ashamed of. We want to be part of changing that. So we don’t use the term “reusable sanitary pads”. We prefer “washable period pads” or “reusable menstrual pads”.

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Ethical manufacture

From day one we wanted to make sure that all our products are made ethically and sustainably. Currently the pads are made in a UK factory and we know the makers by name. All the materials are organic, even the cotton thread! The coloured top layer is made in India by a very ethical family run business. Any future manufacturers will have to meet our high ethical standards to work with us.


However you define yourself, if you have periods, we want to offer you reusable period pads that work really well.

Natalie - Our story

I am loving ETHIXX washable menstrual pads! I feel confident wearing them as they are well made, comfortable and super soft! They also look nice too with stylish designs. I will be telling all my friends about ETHIXX.

Natalie – Twickenham

Tanya - Our story

I always find disposable pads sweaty and irritating but I almost forgot I was wearing my ETHIXX pad. I love the pad pouch. It makes my regular trips to the toilet a little less awkward.

Tanya – London