Who are we ?

Based in Newhaven near Brighton in Sussex, we are a company that is passionate about bringing high quality ethical products to the market, to empower people with real choice. Our first product is a range of washable period pads.

A bit about our journey so far ….

Ethixx was founded by June Bradbury. June is a highly skilled fabrics expert and is passionate about women’s issues and the natural environment, so developing an ethical women’s product was a perfect combination.

The journey began in early 2018 when a local mother asked June to make a set of washable period pads for her teenage daughter. Believing that this product already existed, June was curious and eager to search the market before embarking on the commission. More on that below.

Journey of discovery

This research lead June on a fascinating journey of discovery. Knowing, of course, that disposables are generally not good for the environment, she was disturbed to discover that in the UK alone, we throw away 4.3 billion menstrual products each year and many of them end up polluting our rivers, land and oceans. 

June already knew that for decades, contrary to the marketing narrative, woman had little choice but to expose their bodies to the toxic residues inherent within many disposable period products. But delving deeper into this subject revealed the true extent of the problem.

This re-enforced June’s determination to be a part of the solution.

Teaming up 

June realised that what had started with a single product had become a much bigger mission, and for that she needed help – so she decided to team up with local businessman and owner of an award-winning product design agency design+product, Martyn Beaumont. Martyn grew up with parents who sold organic food as early as 1981, so ethics and environment are naturally high on his agenda.  This partnership between June and Martyn has turned out to be a perfect collaboration, but many others have also brought their time and skills to ‘Team ETHIXX’ .

What our testers told us

Using the feedback from our testers, we realised that many of the existing washable pads did an ‘adequate’ job, but they often moved or leaked, were hot or sweaty and they could be uncomfortable. We believe that women deserve better. Period pads shouldn’t just be ‘adequate’ – they should be GREAT!  This became the ETHIXX mission.


We’ve come a long way since women were so ashamed of their periods that buying pads over the counter involved putting the correct money in a tin (thereby avoiding eye contact or any reference to her purchase) but not far enough. The fact that they are still called sanitary pads, suggesting period blood is insanitary, is far from ideal. Periods are part of nature, not something to be ashamed of.

At ETHIXX we celebrate periods, and as such we don’t use negative terminology in our narrative. We make period pads and we are proud of that.


However you define yourself or your sexuality, if you have periods, we want to offer you a brand of pad that not only works really well, but demonstrates a positive perspective. You are all welcome here.

So where have we got to ?

Two years ago we set about designing a pad that would out-perform all the others. Now, after intensive design and development, consulting closely with our testers, we have perfected period pads that adjust to the contours of the body, do not move, absorb fluids amazingly well without using bulk, are ethical and they look pretty cool too.

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