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True period comfort at night

Find out why many women LOVE our high performance night pad. Its the perfect partner to cups in the day.

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Our high performance reusable pads are amazingly comfortable and absorb up to 3 tampons worth of flow

Comfort, comfort . . . and comfort.

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They’re luxuriously soft and won’t move around like some pads do. ( Because of the unique wing design )

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They can absorb 3 Tampons worth of flow quickly. Using ‘Zorb 3D‘ material technology and unique design innovations.

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They have a 100% cotton contact layer and edges so they’re very breathable.

Innovation inside

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The Zorb 3D’ material, a hybrid of bamboo and hemp, in the 2nd layer absorbs fluids unbelievably quickly and locks it into itself until washed, keeping it away from your skin. Under that is a pure hemp layer for more absorption and a leak proof layer.

Whats with the cut-out ?

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Amazingly, during testing, I found that having a simple oval cut out in the 2nd layer actually draws fluid away faster making it much more comfortable as well as reducing bulk. This is our secret and is unique to Ethixx pads. Well I guess its not so secret now.

What women are saying

Natalie -

” I am loving Ethixx pads. I feel confident wearing them. They are well made comfortable and soft. Also I love that I don’t have to buy pads every month! They are just there!”

Natalie – From Twickenham

Katie Brighton -

” I have sensitive skin so I use Ethixx
pads because they don’t cause me
any irritation. I find them comfortable
and breathable and sometimes I
forget I am wearing pads “

Katie – From Brighton

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” After I changed to Ethixx pads, ‘I feel I have made a positive choice for both the environment and my body. They have sustainable materials and an incredibly comfortable touch. I really love them! ”

Yun Jeong – From London

The Ethixx 100% Satisfaction Promise

Ok, so we’re going on about how great these pads are but you don’t know that for sure ( yet ) So if you don’t absolutely LOVE them, we’ll be happy to fully refund you.

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So if you’re willing to take just a little risk and trust us on just how comfortable these pads are, then you might just get the best nights sleep on a period you’ve had for a while.