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Super comfy washable period pads

Hi, Are you wanting to switch to zero waste periods but without compromising comfort and absorbency?

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Comfort was the top priority when we developed these pads. Made from soft organic cotton, bamboo & hemp they’re very gentle on your skin but with some clever tech inside, can still absorb as much as 3 regular tampons.

Expertly designed wings and edges ensure they NEVER move around. Plus there’s no sweat, no scrunchy noises . . . and they’re 100% organic so they’re great for the planet too !

What women are saying . .

Yun 2 1003x1024 - Hello comfort goodbye waste

“They have sustainable materials and an
incredibly comfortable touch. I really love them! “

Yun Jeong – From London

karen creffield  - Hello comfort goodbye waste

“I was amazed that the night pad worked
really well with no side leaking “

Karen– From Frome

So Join the Zero waste revolution
AND have a very comfortable period!