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Is it because they are so soft and comfy, and they never move around or let you down?

These pads are an advanced design of pad that took 2 years to perfect. So this is not your average pad. You’ll love how they feel. They wont make you sweaty or irritated, there’s no scrunchy noises. Oh, and their 100% organic too!

What makes them so comfy?

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Never move around

The unique design of both the shape and wings means no dancing around in your pants!

Super comfortable

Soft 100% cotton contact layer and edging means its gentle on your skin.

Really absorbent

Heavy pad holds 3 tampons worth whilst still being only 5mm thin.

Planet kind

Zero waste and fully organic fabrics. Helps our planet.

Light HIW 1 - So, how does it all work ?
Heavy HIW 1 - So, how does it all work ?
Night HIW 1 - So, how does it all work ?

Yellow for light days

Blue for heavy days

Magenta for night times

What women are saying . . .

karen creffield  - So, how does it all work ?

I was amazed that the night pads work really well with no side leaking I felt more confident with this size and shape and they felt soft, comfortable and was very happy wearing them.

Karen – Frome

How to use the pads . . .

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Wear them with a well-fitting pair of knickers.

The edges of the pad extend beyond the gusset, which helps to prevent leakage.

How to wash the pads . . .

  1. Rinse in COLD water.
  2. Machine wash at 40 degrees.
  3. Hang dry, or tumble on low heat.
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Caring for your pads . . .

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Gently fold used pads in half until you wash them.

After washing it’s best to store the pads flat.

It’s best not to iron them.

Still have questions?

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100% satisfaction

If they don’t amaze you we’ll be happy to fully refund you.

So say hello to true period comfort . . .