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Comfort, Absorbency, Reliability

Are ETHIXX pads comfortable?

Can these pads really work as well as my disposable pads?

Will blood ever soak through to my underwear?

Will the pads leak at night?

Do you make pads to fit bigger bodies?

Will you make period pads for teenagers?

How often should I change the pads?

Will the pads move when I go running or walking?

Will the pads work for me?

What should I carry my pads in when I am out and about?

Washing, Storage & Pad Care

How do I wash the pads?

Do the pads shrink when washed?

Can you put them in a tumble dryer?

How do they keep their shape after being washed?

Personal Confidence

How do I store the used pads while I am out or at work?

Will the pads smell if I don’t rinse then straight away?

About Saving Money

Will I save money by using cloth pads instead of disposable ones?

About Eco Integrity

The pads are organic, what does this mean?

How long will the pads last?

How biodegradable are they?

How are they ethically made?

What impact am I having on the planet by avoiding disposable period products?

Is the packaging recyclable?

Other Products Coming

Do you have any other types of pads in development, such as daily liners ?

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