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Disposable pads can be up to 90% plastic

beach 1 - Disposable pads can be up to 90% plastic

Disposable sanitary pads ( we don’t like that term, but that’s what people often call them) are comprised of large quantities of plastic (enough in one pack to make four carriers bags) and millions of the products get flushed down the toilet and end up in the rivers and oceans causing untold damage to the environment. Period products are the fifth most common item to be washed up on Europe’s beaches, and those that circumnavigate the land masses break down into tiny particles which are ingested by fish, sea mammals and birds – eventually causing death by malnutrition. Using reusable menstrual pads means that you directly reduce this life-threatening impact. So swap to reusable menstrual pads and make a big difference. You might want to choose Ethixx pads as they are very high quality, made from organic materials and are very comfortable enabling you to switch to zero waste period without compromising comfort !